School board makes changes to schedule


Time has been added to the schedule for asynchronous work time.

Maddie Cowfer, Reporter

Following the school board’s latest meeting, the remote learning schedule has changed again. The new schedule gives students two half days every week for extra work time.

Administration and teachers felt strongly about providing students some additional time for work completion, help from teachers and periodic screen breaks.  Providing two half day breaks in live instruction will provide students with the opportunity to seek out additional help from teachers, catch up on their assignments, work on sustained projects and activities and have a screen break from live meets,” Assistant Superintendent Brad Hatch said.

These asynchronous half days, for both teachers and students, provide time to catch up on any work. 

“Administration and the Board reviewed survey results sent out to instructional staff and parents and based on the feedback provided, discussed options for schedule modification. Secondary schedules were modified slightly to accomplish the goals of limiting screen time, providing enhanced individual and small group support to students and providing teachers with time to build the virtual instruction platforms,” Hatch said. 

The school board is currently working on a new way for students to return to in person school starting after teachers are offered immunization. 

“We are currently working on plans for a safe return to face-to-face instruction.  Depending on the level of return, the schedule may look like a hybrid model that we had for a brief time in November and December or a variation of face-to-face and virtual instruction. The goal is to have all students attending every day as soon as possible,” Hatch said. 

During the asynchronous days, students can meet with their teachers for extra help with any assignments needed. 

“We are hoping the modified schedule provides students with the opportunity to get what they need to be successful. For some students, this will mean more individualized help, while for others it may mean a ‘break’ from live virtual instruction. The schedule modifications were all built around students having the greatest chance to be successful.  Included in that are times to work on social and mental well being,” Hatch said. 

Teachers will not post new assignments for this work time and the time will be used to continue projects and make up work. 

“For secondary students, the schedule from the first marking period included daily live meets for half of the schedule and asynchronous assignments for the other half.  Under this schedule, live meets are scheduled daily; however, Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings are reserved for individual need time with no additional asynchronous work expectations,” Hatch said. 

Having two asynchronous days gives students a break from back to back live classes every day.

I personally like the new schedule, it gives us a break throughout the week to catch up on any missing work and even takes the stress off of having to do classes all day and everyday,” sophomore Taylor Weston said. 

CTC students have the same schedule as non CTC students with a slight difference. 

The only difference is I don’t have eight distinct periods, CTC either takes up your first three periods or your last three. So for my periods one through three I have CTC and four through eight are my core classes,” Weston said. 

Students might not be going back to school until Feb. 1 but that’s not the case for CTC students. 

“As of right now, CTC starts back next Tuesday Jan. 19 in hybrid format. But I will continue doing my core classes virtually, as the high school has not made a definite date of return,” Weston said.