Nova’s competes with big bang


Team photo of one of the many teams that got a great finish in the competition. “We all have our strengths and weaknesses but, we tie each other together and that’s what makes us such a great team,” Ava Sanchez, younger sister of Sophia and athlete on the team, featured on the left side of the photo said.

Tristan Socie, Guest Writer

The weekend of Jan. 24, Nova Elite All Stars (NEAS) competed in Cheer Champion Central, a cheer competition that has historically had high standards. With the sheer number of teams competing, the judges were cracking down on scores.

This doesn’t change the fact that the girls still hit zero four out of seven times. Hitting zero is a cheer competition is something few can achieve as hitting zero means that the team had a perfect performance and absolutely no mistakes. The team had four first place finishes, one excellent and only two second place.

“The beginning brought forth a lot of anxiety and nerve wracking thoughts but, as the competition went on and the teams shined, all the doubt left my head,” Coach Sophia Sanchez said. 

Coach Sanchez is a student teacher who chooses and helps with choreography in the routines the athletes use to sweep the competition. With the power of the coaching staff and the athletes abilities as a whole, the organization has done well in everything they have participated in, including there last competition in which they had also held multiple first place finishes.