Juniors take PSAT




Trey Boore, Guest Writer

Juniors who signed up to take the PSAT’s went back to the school in person on Tuesday, Jan. 26. 

Caleigh Rudy was one of the many students to take the exam to prepare herself for the SAT’s. 

“I got there around 10:30 a.m and had to wait in line to get my temperature checked. We had to check in with two teachers at a desk to get our assigned room number. After that, we went to the room to receive our booklet and answer sheet. When everyone was in the room and ready, we started. We had 5 minute breaks between each or every two sections. It was stressful but wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be,” Rudy said.

As Covid-19 is in its full effect, students still had to follow the safety precautions the school has in place. 

“We socially distanced ourselves outside while waiting in line. When in the classrooms we sat two seats away from each student, along with wearing masks of course,” Rudy said. 

 Although the testing’s initial time was delayed in the morning due to weather conditions, the PSAT’s worked out well for the school and the students who signed up for them. 

86 students took the PSAT’s. Mr. Balough did most of the work organizing the test,” Yahner said.