Replaying childhood card, board games. Are they as fun as they used to be?


Myah Lear

Ready to play! Jenga and a deck of cards sit out ready to play. The experiment to see if games met up to past expectations was a success. Many games were played and were all able to be reflected on.

Myah Lear, Reporter

Replaying old games can be fun. Many people don’t sit down and play games with friends or family anymore, but there are many out there to replay like Monopoly to see if it lives up to past childhood expectations. In this article, I played games that I hadn’t played for a while to see if they live up to those expectations.


Monopoly is a game that can take forever if played by the correct rules. For that reason, the game didn’t live up to my expectations. When I played the game when I was younger I didn’t like it very much and would quit halfway through the game because I was bored. The same thing happened when I replayed the game with my family.


When I replayed Jenga, both mega and normal size, I had fun. I had more fun with Mega Jenga because it requires a lot of moving around and it was, for me, slightly more of a challenge. I liked the smaller version too but mega Jenga lived up to my expectations more.


Checkers was fun to play but different from what I remember. When I was younger and played, people let me win. But now that I am sixteen that doesn’t happen anymore. I like this game more than I did when I was little because now it is actually a challenge and makes me think about my next moves.


War is not a game that most people know about but I learned the game when I was younger. In this game you have a deck or two of cards and there are two players. The two players each have half the deck. Each person draws a card and the one with the highest card number takes both cards. The winner is the one who ends up with all the cards. The game is also a game of luck so the winner is always different. I played the game with two decks of cards, so it took awhile but I still liked the game. This game lived up fully to my expectations from when I was younger.


I have never been good with vocabulary, so I didn’t really like this game. It didn’t live up to my past expectations. I lost almost every round, and it took me forever to come up with words to use out of the little amount of letters you get.

The Best Game

Out of the games I played in the experiment, Mega Jenga was my favorite. The amount of concentration it took to get a big block, without knocking over the entire stack, made it more fun for me. Out of all these games, this is one I would recommend to play.