Life As We Knew It shows ultimate survival


Destiny Montgomery

“Life As We Knew It” by Susan B. Pfeffer shows a reality where an asteroid hit the moon and changed the Earth’s Climate. Miranda and her family are trying to survive.

Destiny Montgomery, Associate Editor

“Life As We Knew It,” written by Susan B. Pfeffer is the first book in the “Life As We Knew It” Series. 

“Life As We Knew It” is the story of a normal family in a small town in Pennsylvania. In this book, we see how an asteroid hit the moon, and began to change the earth’s climate, sadly killing a lot of people.

This book is written in Miranda’s point of view through her diary as they go through their everyday events. 

Her family scavenges for food and gasoline for their car, and a lot of fights break out over this stuff. The family, mom, Matt, Jon and Miranda all start fasting and skipping meals on certain days to preserve food. 

When it gets really cold in August, Miranda starts ice skating at Miller’s Pond. She eventually has to stop though, because of the amount of ash in the air from the volcanoes exploding all over the world.

Miranda and her family love each other, and are proving to themselves that they can survive and make do with what they have, like using snow and boiling it on their wood stove for water. 

I unintentionally read the third book in the series first; however, it didn’t necessarily give anything away from the first two books. In this book, I just simply learned how they got to the point they were at in the third book. 

I am really enjoying this series, and I can’t wait to read the other books. This book really excited me and kept me at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen if these events took place in our world. I couldn’t imagine myself going through what this family is going through.