Is Instagram worth the ‘Likes’?

Marin Cooney, Guest Reporter

When the internet became available to almost everyone, it was an escape from the real world. Today, the real world is an escape from the internet. Despite how often it is used by each individual, social media plays a major role in today’s culture. It is how we quickly communicate, spread awareness and information and even provide entertainment. One of the most widely used social media platforms is Instagram. From personal experience, I believe Instagram is a satisfactory app  because it is easy to navigate,  the layout and features of the app are easy to use and the graphics are appealing. 

Instagram is easy to navigate. The app was first established in 2010, but since then has had countless updates. The app is set up in a series of “pages” that  can be accessed by tapping on their respective icon on the bottom menu. Compared to Twitter, Instagram is simpler to use because the layout is simplified and there are fewer pages to click on. 

The features of the app are easy to use. With this app, users can  send direct messages to other users, shop, save favorite/helpful posts, and easily comment on, like or share posts. The icons on these features are pretty self explanatory. Everything is very straightforward; click on the icon that represents the action  wanted to be completed. The app is also more photo based compared to Twitter or Facebook. 

The graphics of the app are appealing. The app has an overall clean and sleek look. It is very organized. The app logo is also nice to look at with its variety of colors and sharp icon. The app has a minimalist affect to it that doesn’t distract from the content. Another thing is that when someone posts to their main story, a ring appears around their profile pictures that has the matching colors of the app logo which is neat. 

 Instagram is recommended to those looking to get involved with social media or who perhaps want to switch to another platform. The app is easy to use, it has many helpful features and it has an overall clean look to the app. The content that appears is subjective what some may or may not enjoy, but the actual function of the app is very commendable.