One of Us is Lying asks who really killed Simon Kelleher

Mia Lestochi, Guest Reporter

We all love to solve a good mystery. Right?

In the book, “One of Us is Lying” by Karen M. McManus gives readers a great murder mystery to try and solve. The book takes place at Bayview High School where four students are being framed for murder.  The students were in detention with a fellow gossip student Simon Kelleher, and they all believed that someone had placed a phone in their bag for them to be put in detention.  When all of the sudden Simon starts to choke, and they begin to realize he is having an allergic reaction to something. They try to save him, but they can’t and he sadly dies. 

This book is a great murder mystery because it will really keep readers on their toes and have them guessing the whole time. While you are reading you think that you know who did it but then it all changes, and you discover that you were wrong and change your opinion.

This book because it gives readers a different perspective from each character, and it shows what they are all thinking in their minds while all of this is happening. It gives clues and hints as to who might have had something to do with the death of Simon. Overall if you are looking for another book to read that will keep you guessing until the last second “One of Us is Lying” is for you. And even better you can continue the adventure in the sequel “One of Us Is Next.”  Mcmanus fans also like to pick up “Two Can Keep a Secret.”