Grammys 2021 disappoints viewers

Lillian Roberts, Guest Reporter

The Grammys are a staple live show to watch every year; watching to see if your favorite artist or album wins the award. Usually, the Grammys are an enthralling time where families come together and huddle around their television to watch. Of course each year has its controversies. This year was no exception, just like any other year, it was filled with angry fans and conflicted families. 

The Grammys were a mess this year. Usually the Grammys are enjoyable and fun to watch. This year was doubtlessly different. From mad fans to questionable performances, it was a jumble of chaos. The main points of the mess would be: Lady Gaga’s dance moves while performing “Rain On Me”, “Rain On Me” (Lady Gaga Ft. Ariana Grande) beating BTS’ “Dynamite”, Cardi B’s performance with Megan Thee Stallion, artists such as Beyonce boycotting the ceremony and other major nominee’s such as The Weekend being totally ignored.

Starting off with the performances; such as, “Rain On Me” and “Wap”/”Up”. Lady Gaga pulled out odd dance moves while Ariana was singing. People on various social media platforms made fun of her and her gawky moves. She looked as if she was improvising right then and there and had no clue what to do except make weird hand movements while hinging back on the ground. Most people on Tiktok posted the clip, jokingly asking if she was okay.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion both hit families with controversial performances. Cardi and Megan both had metal “armor”, if you can call it that, as their outfits. It was weighing both of them down, and viewers could clearly see Cardi struggling to dance. It even sparked new rumors with Cardi, asking if she was pregnant again. This was one of the worst performances by far. Near the end, Megan and Cardi both executed questionable moves together and left almost all of the audience confused and disgusted. The songs performed definitely weren’t family friendly, but we all know that no one wants to see two women gyrating on stage with millions of people watching. The Grammys should’ve watched the performance beforehand and cancelled their performance. Definitely not a good move on them as the performance was quite the mess. 

Fans of BTS were shocked last week over the fact that Rain On Me beat Dynamite and started quite the debate over who should’ve won, as per every other year. As a retired fan of BTS and both Ariana and Gaga, they are two different types of pop that when put against each other, are bound to start unfair arguments. Ariana alone has millions of fans but when you add Gaga in the mix, there’s a great deal. Nonetheless, BTS has beat them both combined with a number of fans. Setting the two genres, kpop and pop, against each other isn’t a good idea and unfair to both sides. Granted, they’re both forms of pop but different styles. 

There were various nominees who were cut short on the Grammys end. Some nominees had amazing music and should’ve gotten a Grammy or at least nominated. For example, The Weekend didn’t get a single nomination and did an interview saying, “Because of the secret committees, I will no longer allow my label to submit my music to the Grammys.” This has started a trickle down where now, Beyonce started boycotting the Grammys as well. This was all easily preventable if the Grammys had treated them fairly. 

Overall, the Grammys could’ve planned everything out differently and in a more desirable way. This is one of the worst years we’ve had with the Grammys. If they had thought about how to appeal to everyone so there wasn’t lewdness or even unfair treatment, it would’ve most likely went better. The Grammys get a 1.5 out of 5 stars.