Anna’s 80s Aerobics

Anna Batrus- Student Council

Q: Why did you run for Homecoming candidate?

A:  I ran for Homecoming candidate because it is always that typical high school dream to participate in Homecoming and to run for Homecoming queen, so there was always that appeal to me to do so. I love being involved in my school and having this opportunity to represent not only the school in Homecoming but to represent the Student Council, a club that is truly for the students. 

Q: If you were chosen as the queen, how will you fulfill the responsibilities associated with the title?

A:  If I was chosen as Homecoming queen, there are definitely responsibilities associated with this title and I recognize how important that they are. Even with the few months remaining in this school year, I will stay dedicated to caring about our school and the students and staff that are involved here. I will continue to participate in school events and keep my attendance greatly in check while also carefully focusing on finishing out the school year with the best grades possible.  

Q: What is the best thing about Homecoming?

A: Although the dance is simply not possible this year, the best thing about homecoming is [the] games and skit night where we can play games against each other and see so many people at school that we know…and [can] entertain each other.  

Q: What are your plans for the future? 

A: In the future, I plan on going to Penn State Altoona for two years and playing volleyball and then finishing with two years at Penn State main campus.  

Q: Why should people vote for you? 

A: Although there are great candidates running together this year, people should definitely vote for me because I am very involved in the school and care deeply about the school and the things that happen. Altoona has honestly done so much for me and I think that I am a super fun person to be around and represent our school as Homecoming queen.  

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