Celebrities should not be held to double standards

Lillian Roberts, Guest Reporter

There are various standards that citizens have in society. There are people who aren’t just normal citizens; our celebrities. These standards are more often than not quite ridiculous. Celebrities usually are held to a higher standard and expected to be perfect all the time. We, as a whole, put so much pressure on celebrities, and it’s time to speak up on it. 

People such as Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish and Charli D’amelio constantly get harassed over their bodies, their sexualities and what they’re known for. When you see a celebrity getting treated differently, no one says anything about it. It’s revolting to see other human beings being treated like robots and like dirt. Celebrities don’t exist to be bullied by tweens or even grown adults. I see that people forget celebrities have feelings, and they’re not perfect. 

I could watch a Tiktok from Charli D’amelio and look at the comments talking about how she deserves nothing and her platform should be ripped away from her. Granted, D’amelio did do some wrong doings but, she’s sixteen, the age of my fellow classmates. Charli got famous for dancing, so what? At least she doesn’t act like a terrible human being overall. Charli has her life out of Tiktok and consistent hate affects hers; she’s even said so on various platforms, interviews and Instagram lives. Imagine your best friend is getting bullied, death threats and various horrible treatment. I wouldn’t wish the hate Charli D’amelio gets on anyone. 

Billie Eilish is the perfect example of a celebrity who consistently gets harassed over her body. Meanwhile, this started when she was only 16, and she’s now 19. That’s three years of being told how your body should look. Eilish wears her signature baggy clothes to hide her body so that people can’t judge, yet they still do, every chance they get. Yet, if someone in your town, maybe even in a class you have with them, gets body shamed, it’s a big deal. Of course no one deserves or needs to be body shamed, but when a celebrity has it happen to them, it’s brushed over like it’s not a big deal. People act as though celebrities deserve it, and they need to be humbled with their body. I find that I can scroll through any social media and see a ton of people commenting on other people’s bodies and looks. It’s unfair and generally not alright to do. 

Lil Nas X has become quite the topic lately with his latest music video. We all know the music video represents him being gay, how it’s a “sin”, and making references to bible verses. People have been relentless and saying how they don’t like the video and the messages. There are also grown women and men who are completely boycotting Lil Nas X not only because of the music video but because of his sexuality. I have seen people completely shun him just because he is gay, and it is appalling. Watching people get hate in general for their sexuality, is terrible. Celebrities are our role models and when one is gay, it shouldn’t affect how he or she is treated. When someone in a close community is LGBTQIA+ it’s either glazed over, or they don’t come out. Yet when a celebrity comes out, hints towards it or even slightly act like they are in the community and the whole world is questioning them. 

The double standards for celebrities vs. average citizens is evident. People treat celebrities differently in ways they shouldn’t. It’s common to forget your favorite idol is a human just like you and me, but treat them with respect and common human decency. Put yourself in their shoes; you wouldn’t want to be treated like you’re some social abomination.