Deidra Dumm has been teaching for 15 years. Matthew Dumm has been teaching for 17 years.


Deidra Dumm has been teaching physics for 15 years. Her spouse, Matthew Dumm, has been doing work experience and special education for 17 years.

If the Dumms hadn’t become teachers, they had plans for other occupations.

“I probably would have been in the medical or pharmacy field,” D. Dumm said.

“I have a degree in occupational therapy, so probably the medical field,” M. Dumm said.

They met each other here at the high school.

“He was really funny!” D. Dumm said.

“She was really organized and easy to talk to,” M. Dumm said.

The Dumms love having the summer off together.

“It is wonderful having the summer off together! We never have to work around the other’s work schedule. We can easily make plans and spend a lot of time together and with our family,” D. Dumm said.

“It makes planning stuff easy. We rely on each other to pay attention to meetings and due dates. It is nice to always have the other one available,” M. Dumm said. 

They don’t always see each other on a regular basis throughout the school day.

“It depends on the day. Some days only in the morning walking in together and in the afternoon walking out! Other times, we see each other at lunch or on our preps when we are working on something together,” D. Dumm said.

The Dumms reminisced on memories of teaching together.

“It’s nice when we see a former student, and we both know who they are as we both share memories of the same students–the good and the bad,” M. Dumm said.

There are benefits and challenges to working with your spouse; however, the Dumms believe that the good outweighs the bad.

“One good thing is that we always have the other one there when we need one another. But sometimes, we have to arrange our daily schedules, such as after school dismissal or morning arrival, around the other’s schedule,” D. Dumm said.

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