Lettuce Bowl offers salads, sandwiches


The new restaurant “The Lettuce Bowl” located at 216 Park Hills Plaza, Altoona is a great new place to grab lunch! It has a wide variety of salads and sandwiches for reasonable prices.

Cassidy Klock, Reporter

The all new restaurant The Lettuce Bowl located at 216 Park Hills Plaza in Altoona had me rushing to go try one of their specialty salads and a tasty sandwich for lunch. 

Walking in, I noticed the restaurant was very clean and the staff was polite, patient and helpful. 

They have a wide variety of salads, both specialty and customizable priced at $9 per salad. 

Their “build your own salad” option starts with picking a base, choosing up to four toppings, picking one kind of cheese and ending with one of their delicious dressings. 

The restaurant offers 11 specialty salads ranging from a cobb salad to a BBQ chicken salad. 

Sandwiches and wraps are also available at The Lettuce Bowl for $9. With their mouth watering turkey and fresh toppings, it’s hard to say no. Wraps and sandwiches can be specialized or customized.

They offer two sides at the restaurant pricing at $3 each with one being mixed fruit (oranges, strawberries and blueberries) and the other being pecan coleslaw. 

There are few options for drinks being only Coke products and water both priced at $2. 

The restaurant offers a catering service for roughly $70 per ten people. With the catering service you can customize your salad or pick a specialty salad. 

They are open seven days a week from 11a.m.-8p.m. and you can contact them by either phone at (814)-210-2130 or email [email protected]

I was very satisfied with my order and service at this restaurant. I ordered a turkey sandwich with a BLT salad and water. My sandwich had the freshest bread and turkey that made my mouth water. My BLT salad had fresh crunchy lettuce and crispy bacon. My order came out to be a little over $21 which was a bit pricey for a salad and a sandwich, but I believe it was worth the price. 

I really enjoyed The Lettuce Bowl, and if anyone enjoys fresh salad, I would definitely recommend stopping by The Lettuce Bowl for some lunch!