Whitaker competes in national competition with her business Revival by Rylie


Myah Lear

Revival by Rylie! Whitaker sews together a purse. Whitaker is competing in a competition with her business with the possibility of winning cash or a scholarship.

Myah Lear, Reporter

This summer, senior Rylie Whitaker will compete in the YEA! Saunders Scholars National Competition. It will be on Saturday, June 26 and will be held from noon to 6 p.m.

“Ever since my grandma taught me to sew when I was six years old I have been in love with creating and designing. Revival by Rylie is a culmination of my passion the same way this competition is a culmination of the past year of really hard work. I hope you can watch and support me and my business as I compete and represent Blair County,” Whitaker said.

The competition will consist of three Semi-Final Rounds and one Finals Round. The competition prizes will be a $2,000 to $5,000 cash reward and a college scholarship prize offered from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Watch this summer to cheer on Whitaker while she tries to win the competition. It will be available to watch via YouTube or Facebook Live.