Scholastic Scrimmage prepares for upcoming competitions


Jaidyn Palladini

You guessed it Sophomores Caleb Fries and Jake Yohn practice guessing trivia questions for the upcoming competition on Oct. 12. The team has the opportunity to compete in the district competition and with lots of practice, they hope to win first place at the district competition.

Jaidyn Palladini, Reporter

On Sept. 22, the Scholastic Scrimmage Team attended their first competition at the AIU8 Building. Several schools participated in this competition but Altoona had gone undefeated with outstanding scores against six different schools. 

“I was very proud of the team,” adviser Jen Lowe said. “They’ve put in hard work, practice and are finally being rewarded for all of the knowledge that they have so it’s exciting that after several years of placing second in the district that we have an opportunity to be first this year.”

The team will be back, practicing and competing on Oct. 12. Be sure to cheer on your friends and advisor as they compete in the next trivia competition.