Librarian begins morning mindfulness


Cassidy Klock

Good morning! Every morning in the back of the library, a morning meditation session is held with school librarian Tanya Lucas. All students are welcome to join and start off their day with a meditation session.

Cassidy Klock, Associate Editor

School librarian Tayna Lucas will be holding a morning mindfulness session every morning from 7:20 a.m. – 7:35 a.m. from now until the end of the school year in the back room of the library.

Mindfulness provides students an opportunity to learn how their brains work.  The morning session is geared toward practicing the basics of mindful meditation,” Lucas said. “Studies show meditation improves creative and critical thinking, reduces stress and smooths out interpersonal relationships. It’s a great way to energize before the start of the school day.  A tired, stressed student is not going to be doing their best work. Morning mindfulness provides students a place to connect their minds and bodies so that they can give the day their best effort. Many companies such as Salesforce, Google, Yahoo, Nike, Pearson and HBO have all added designated official meditation spaces in their corporate offices. Google and Yahoo employees now have access to on-site meditation spaces, and at Google, they can take free meditation courses. HBO and Nike offer group meditation workshops and classes for their employees.  It’s pretty neat that we have such a space available for our students.”

For more information, please email [email protected], or stop by the library.