Meyers advances to States


Connor George

Refuse to Lose Junior Trenton Meyers swings his way into States. All of the hard work that was put into Districts led to this moment for Meyers.

Jaidyn Palladini, Reporter

On Sept. 28, the boys’ varsity golf team traveled to Districts at the Scotch Valley Country Club. Several teams took home titles while individual players headed to States. 

Junior Trenton Meyers won his final golf match before finding out that he was heading to States. 

“I didn’t think I made it at first when I found out that the kid playing behind me had a putt on eighteen to tie me, and he missed that. Then I knew I was going to get it, and I was really excited,” Meyers said.

Meyers feels that with the hard work and dedication, he got to this point with the support of everyone. 

“It was definitely a lot of work to get to this spot,’ Meyers said. “[For the underclassmen,] just keep working and try your hardest.”

Other teammates on the golf team expressed their happiness for Myers as he made this accomplishment.  

“I was super happy for him because we’re both pretty good friends, and we played all year together. We have just been working together to make each other better, so I was really happy for him,” junior Daniel Batrus said. 

“I was excited for him,” senior Jordan Lestochi said. “I knew that he was good enough to do it as a junior.”

All other players worked hard to get where they are and believe that the hard work paid off. 

“I felt pretty good because it was better than we did last year,” Batrus said. “I reached my goal of going to Districts this year, and I made it individually. I was pretty happy about that.”[It was a big achievement] for sure because there were a lot of people and to be in the top ten was a big achievement.”

“I thought it was cool to make it to Districts as a team, and I like playing with the kids I play with,” Lestochi said. “It would’ve been cool to win but it was still cool to make it there as a team.”

Boys’ golf coach Ron Bowser expressed his excitement for Myers.

“It was pretty exciting to have a player advance to States,” Bowser said. “We knew he had a chance to get there if he played well, but actually pulling it off was great to watch. Trent is a terrific kid that works hard on improving his game. He definitely deserves to advance to States. His hard work and dedication has given him this opportunity.”

During the championships, Bowser hopes for better results next year with how the team ended this season. 

We had an amazing team of players this year,” Bowser said. “They are just great kids to be around and most of them have really worked hard to get better. We knew we had a chance to get to where we did this year and hope for better results next year if they work hard to improve for next year.”