After school traffic in parking lot causes distress


Connor George

Parked up Students park in the parking lot. Leaving school in the afternoon has become difficult for some.

Connor George, Reporter

Some students rely on driving to and from school as their main means of transportation.  However, some students believe it is more of a hassle leaving the parking lot.

Many student drivers have stated that it takes longer for them to leave school in the afternoon than to arrive in the morning.  On average, students take three times longer leaving school in the afternoon than arriving at school in the morning.  Additionally, almost half of the time leaving in the afternoon is spent trying to get out of the student parking lot.

Some students also have sports or work to get to after school.

“I have swim right after school, but it takes me 15 minutes to get to the field house [from the student parking lot],” junior Austin Parker said.

“Sometimes, I have work at 4 [p.m.], and I have to get to my house to get ready,” junior Aleia Frye said. 

While others just simply want to get home.

“I just wish traffic wasn’t so bad, so I could get home and eat alfredo. I feel the pain of not eating,” senior Desiree Roberts said.

Some students have different ideas of how to address the issue. Senior Dominic McMasters believes there should be another exit.

“Adding another exit onto 17th Street would make it easier to get out,” McMasters said.

Parker thinks that a new traffic sign could help the issue.

“Add a ‘no left turn’ sign on Eighth Ave.,” Parker said. “Because people will just sit at that turn when the line is all the way back at the junior high. People who turn left there are the bane of my existence.”

Roberts believes the solution could be having more manpower.

“Maybe we could have a crossing guard on Eighth Ave., and one on 15th Street,” Roberts said.

Many students hope that these traffic issues can be solved in the near future.