School hands out disposable masks


Allison Little

Outside the field house entrance masks are being handed out before students enter the building. Greeters are doing their best to welcome students with a smile and a mask in hand.

Allison Little, Reporter

As mandates on masks continue to be enforced, students are receiving masks from school. As students walk into the building, masks are readily available on hand for greeters to pass out to students. 

According to principal Andrew Neely, the school started to hand out masks to students who forget their masks or just don’t have access to them. 

“It has everything to do with the current mandate that is in place from the state that everyone in public schools must be masked well in school. We recognize that sometimes students don’t remember, so having a supply of them on hand to assure we’re able to comply with the mandate,” Neely said.

Senior Ethan Little agrees with Neely’s statement. 

“I always forget mine when I’m leaving early in the morning, so I’m glad the school will give us some,” Little said. 

Some students and staff have noticed masks on the ground, inside and outside, after school hours.

“I definitely see them around, mostly outside. I have noticed some on the grounds right outside the B building at the end of the day when people are exiting they drop them…The ugliness of the litter especially,” Neely said. 

According to Neely, the money spent on masks can build up when students get a new mask from the school everyday. 

“There is a cost associated with buying the disposables for everyone, but it’s something we have to do,” Neely said. 

Freshman Teagan Fanelli also expresses her opinions. 

“I think when people constantly use disposable masks it can be bad for the environment, but I understand how time consuming it can be to wear and constantly wash reusable ones. I’m glad the school is handing them out though, and I think the litter is just something we will have to deal with when the mandate is still in place,” Fanelli said.