Student council holds holiday food collection


Maddie Cowfer

Student is sponsoring a a holiday food collection. All food donated will be sent home to students in need.

Maddie Cowfer, Reporter

With the holidays approaching, Student Council is organizing a holiday food collection. All the food donated will be put in baskets and given to families in need.  

“We work with our guidance department to identify families in need and most of it will support students in our district,” community service adviser Kimberly Shope said.

Teachers can sign up for their classes or clubs to bring in food and make one or more baskets for students and their families. 

Students who would like to donate food are able to sign up on a requested items list. 

“We are looking for food that is primarily canned and boxed items, nothing perishable,” Shope said.  

All food baskets must be turned in by Dec. 10, but each teacher has his or her own deadline for donating food. 

“Every teacher might have their own deadline but we need all baskets handed in by Dec 10,” Shope said. 

“Our goal is to have 50 baskets, and we hope that in the baskets are items people can make several meals and support the families over the holidays,” Shope said. 

Teachers who would like to precipitate are able to sign up to fill up more than one basket. 

“So far we have 20 teachers signed up, and we’re hoping to get up to 50 baskets. Some sign up for more than one basket,” Shope said. 

For years, student council has been giving back to those in need with the district during the holiday season. 

This tradition has been in place for the past 30 years during the holiday season.

“But we need to get to doing some things that we normally do to support our students and their families. Clearly people are in need every year but probably more this year,” Shope said. 

Some teachers decided to sign up to remind their students that the holiday season is about giving. 

“I decided to do the food collection in my classes because I think it can be easy for any of us to get caught up in the superficial things that come with the season like money and gifts. It’s important to remind ourselves and our students that everyone deserves the opportunity to celebrate holidays properly, and one way that we can provide that is through these food basket donations,” English teacher Caitlin McGeary said.