Crystals become popular among teens


Alli Little

Crystal Clear Wellness is a store located in downtown Hollidaysburg that sells a variety of different crystals. The store sells jewelry and other crystal items. “I think the atmosphere felt very safe and comforting , everything was very aesthetically pleasing and organized,” Fanelli said.

Allison Little, Reporter

Some students are starting to keep collections of crystals. 

Freshman Olivia Noel has such a collection.

“It depends on what you want to focus on. Like, if you want self love, then you would get like a rose quarts or carnelian. Each crystal is for something different,” Noel said. 

Freshman Olvia Behe’s favorite crystal is Sodalite. 

“It was one of the first crystals I got, and it helps with motivation and calmness,” Behe said. 

 Freshman Skylar Rutherford has reported that crystals have helped her in various ways such as keeping her grounded. 

“Crystals definitely saved me from a dark place that I was in; they can just make you feel more you,” Rutherford said. 

Freshman Ava Mika also reports how crystals have helped her.

“I think crystals have made me more optimistic and open minded,” Mika said.

According to Kelly Reece, the mother of an owner of the crystal store OM Crystal Jewelry and registered nurse, crystals are becoming more popular. 

“Well, I think young people are a lot smarter than I was in my day. I think they realize that medication is not the only way to feel the balance of the mind, body, spirit. I think they are more in tune with themselves and more in tune with nature, and crystals are really a big part of that,” Reece said. 

Behe also believes crystals are getting more popular. 

“I think crystals are becoming more popular because more people are exploring their spiritual personality, and people are learning more about crystals in the media,” Behe said. 

Rutherford has dedicated time to learning more about crystals.

“There’s a big difference between knowing crystals and just wanting them for the trend, but you have to believe in what you want in order for it to work,” Rutherford said.

Crystals can come in a wide variety of prices. Some students believe most of those prices are fair. 

“I think crystals are reasonably priced based on what it takes to get them, and the time it takes to tumble them.”

Reece believes shoppers will know the intentions of a crystal shop as soon as they walk through the door. 

“I think if you go to a reputable place with people that are into crystals and they truly want to help their community or friends and family, then they will not overprice a crystal because they are truly there to help somebody that feels unbalanced, depleted, sad, going through depression or a loss. And you will know when you go into that shop you will be able to feel if that person is there to help you or take advantage of you,” Reece said. 

Noel believes that crystals can help a lot of people. 

“I would inspire more people to look into what crystals they’re getting and inspire more people to look into crystals, but definitely know what you’re getting into beforehand,” Noel said.