“The Glass Castle” details difficult life of Walls

Myah Lear, Reporter

This book does discuss mature themes such as sexual assault and bullying.

This book was originally not supposed to be book of the month, but although I read this for reading workshop in English, I believe that “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls is the book deserving of the title, Book of the Month. This is the perfect testimony that books read for school can still be enjoyed.

“The Glass Castle” is a memoir which means it is the author’s memories of a past event or his or her life. The book takes place during the life of Jeanette Walls and tells the story of her growing up in a dysfunctional family. Although dysfunctional, they are a loving and loyal family who would do anything for each other. The story is told in five big sections.

The beginning of the book starts out when Jeannette is at the age of three. She begins to detail her life from the first memories she has. The life she details definitely isn’t the most ideal, but she continues her life trying to incorporate some positivity which is something I think most people can relate to.

I personally like this book because it reads like the perfect fiction book for me. It doesn’t have as much dialogue as the average book and although it is short, a total of 288 pages, I feel like it takes the space it has and develops the author’s life in a way that is easy to read and it keeps the reader interested.

This book does have a movie adaption if someone would like to watch the movie after or before reading the book. It is also useful if you don’t have time to read the book but do have an interest in the story.

If you don’t really like books that aren’t upbeat and comical, and have a lot of description, then this book is probably not for you.