All American Cheerleaders to perform in Hawaii


Courtesy of Amiradama Smith-Banks

Pose The five All American Cheerleaders pose in Hawaii. They arrived on Dec. 3.

Destiny Montgomery, Editor in Chief

This past summer, the high school cheerleaders attended the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) camp and tried out to be All American Cheerleaders. Several of them were rewarded with this title and granted the opportunity to perform in Hawaii. Five of them chose to go: seniors Ella Strawmire, Amiradama Smith-Banks, Jenna Williams and Alyssa Kovach and freshman Laura Reed. They left on Dec. 3 and will return on Dec. 8.

The cheerleaders will be performing at the 30th Pearl Harbor Memorial Day Parade on Pearl Harbor day, Dec. 7.

“Throughout the days that we are on the island, we will be participating in various activities such as a tour of parts of the island, a luau, a combined practice with all of the other All American Cheerleaders and the parade,” Smith-Banks said. 

The cheerleaders typically attend a UCA camp each year. In 2019, Kovach and 2020 graduate Cassara Stanley, traveled to London through UCA to perform in the New Year’s Parade.

“UCA has cheer camps where they teach stunts, dances and cheers that you use to try out for All American. I am excited to be a part of the parade,” Reed said. 

According to Strawmire, an All American Cheerleader has many positive qualities. 

“They display leadership, strong personal values and everything a cheerleader should be. I achieved this title by being chosen by camp leaders after performing a cheer and dance,” Strawmire said. 

According to the cheerleaders, they had to do many things in order to prepare for this trip. 

“It’s been a lot of practicing and learning the routines we have to perform, which we are required to know before we get there,” Kovach said. 

“To prepare for this trip, I had to practice the UCA dance routine we will be performing, pack for the warmer weather and make sure I got all of my work for school,” Smith-Banks said. 

With winter and cold weather quickly approaching in Pennsylvania, the girls are mostly excited for the warm weather. 

“I am very excited to go to the beach and attend a luau,” Strawmire said. 

As for Williams, she is excited for other things.

“I am most excited to see the nature and culture in Hawaii. I also can’t wait to go snorkeling,” Williams said. 

Cheer coach Autumn Barry-Kyle is overjoyed they get to go on this trip.

I am beyond proud and excited for these girls to have this amazing opportunity.  I know they will proudly represent AAHS,” Barry-Kyle said.