Mt. Echo nominated for Columbia Univerity Crown


Maddie Cowfer

The Mountain Echo has been nominated for gold or silver crown in the upcoming spring. After they won a silver crown last year the Mountain Echo got nominated for another crown.

Maddie Cowfer, Reporter

After winning a silver crown last year the Mountain Echo is nominated again. The Mountain Echo got nominated to win either a silver or gold crown . 

The Mountain Echo has a chance to win a Crown award based on the previous year’s newspaper. 

“Being an associate editor last year makes me proud that I helped with the staff and as editor in chief now, I hope that all of our hard work pays off this year and we get nominated for the crown next year,” Editor in Chief Destiny Montgomery said. 

A Crown nomination can help motivate the staff to continue all their work and give them hope of getting a gold or silver. 

“I really hope that it encourages everyone to be their best and know that good things can come out of their work whenever they really try;  for me,” Montgomery said. 

This nomination can have a positive effect on the staff and their writing in the nearby future. 

“I hope it does. They can win either a silver or a gold next as we might this year and as we did last year. It just keeps going,” Montgomery said.

For some, winning the silver last year has given them something to look at and help them achieve their goals. 

“Getting the silver was super fun. It really boosted my confidence as an editor, and I really hope we get it this year. It is good to know that everyone is doing their best and fulfilling their jobs to the best of their abilities,” Montgomery said.

Getting nominated for work can be exciting for some and well deserved. 

“It is honestly extremely exciting. I love being a part of a publication, and I also love that we are getting the recognition that I believe we deserve,” Associate Editor Cassidy Klock said. 

The Mountain Echo staff has worked all year trying to critique their paper after last year’s nomination. 

“I believe that it was more a team effort than anything. Yes, I do feel that some of my pieces contributed to the final puzzle, but I believe that it would be unfair to take the credit and say that ‘I stand out from everyone else because I did this,’” Klock said. 

The Mountain Echo editors have worked on not only writing their own stories but editing the staff’s as well. 

“Within being a story editor, looking over people’s stories can get extremely stressful, and I almost passed up on the offer when it was presented to me. Now, I’m a year in and we have been nominated for a Crown,” Klock said.