John Green writes inspiring book The Fault in Our Stars

Allison Little, Reporter

“The Fault in Our Stars” written by John Green is a tragic love story. 

The book starts when the main character Hazel Grace Lancaster’s mom makes her attend a cancer support group. There she meets a lot of people that are important to the plot of the book. Hazel has stage four thyroid cancer and was bound to an oxygen machine. 

She then leaves the support group to go have dinner with Augustus Water and his family. Augustus had beat cancer previously in the timeline. 

After Hazel introduced Augustus to her favorite book “An Imperial Affliction” they both want to find an ending to the book. Augustus takes Hazel to Amsterdam where the author of the book is located. 

The author of “An Imperial Affliction” was incredibly mean to them, but nothing could be compared to when at the end of the trip, Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer had returned. 

Hazel sticks by Gus throughtout his entire treatment even when he got very very sick. 

I think John Green is an exceptional author and did a great job writing this book. It was interesting the whole time with many unexpected turns.