Girls’ basketball team set to take on Central Dauphin


Maddie Cowfer

The team huddles up before playing. The girls met with their coach before playing.

Rachel Carnell, Guest Reporter

On Jan. 18, 2022 the girls’ basketball team was set to play the Central Dauphin Rams. 

“Currently we are 6-3,” assistant coach Amy Palfey said. “The girls truly prepare all year for basketball, whether it is strength training, lessons, shooting and/or AAU practices and games, they are bettering themselves in the sport that they are passionate about,” Palfey said. 

As the team was preparing for the game it got canceled due to the Central Dauphin School District shutting down due to the increase of Covid cases.

“We are working on rescheduling the game,” Palfey said. 

“After a loss, depending upon the results of that game and what we lacked, we would practice that area of weakness to correct it for the future games,” Palfey said.