Student Council organizes Pennies for Puppies


Courtesy of Jessica Hogan

As he waits to be adopted into his forever home, Bindi the brown and tan pitbull smiles at the camera. Bindi has been at the shelter longer than most of the animals there. “…he’s one of the dogs that has been there the longest,” Hogan said.

Stayley Drenning, Guest Reporter

Pennies for Puppies is an opportunity for the students to help raise money for the animals at the Humane Society. Donations will be accepted from Jan. 18-27 on the bridge and during lunch. 

Student council has annually done a fundraiser to help the Humane Society. 

“I think it’s a really important cause and one that gets forgotten about a lot, and the Humane Society does really good work,” high school biology teacher Jessica Hogan said. 

In the past, the Humane Society has asked for supplies including paper towels and cat litter. This year, the student council decided to switch things up.

“This time we thought we would go with just change or dollar bills. We’re not going to turn down dollar bills,  but sometimes somebody will have change in their pocket and they’ll throw it in for a donation and make it easier for students to donate and participate,” Hogan said. 

The Humane Society currently has 51 cats and 14 dogs in their care. 

“We’re going to focus on five cats and five dogs, they’re the ones that have been there the longest, and we’re going to try to raise money for their adoption fees,” Hogan said.

During one of the recent student council meetings, the advisers brought up paying a tribute to Betty White, who was a well known animal lover. 

“We’re going to do a little promo on MLTV, a little slideshow with the Golden Girls theme song behind it,” Hogan said.  

Senior Olivia Chille is one of the student council officers and is in charge of this project. 

I haven’t felt like I’ve been in charge of something this year, and as an officer I wanted to be in charge of something. I really like the Humane Society and getting involved with them,” Olivia Chille said.

The student council officers were planning a trip to the Humane Society to film for MLTV but due to COVID-19 still being an issue the trip was canceled. 

“We’re going to try to make a slideshow of the pets, but I thought a skit would be funnier and would get people to want to donate more than just seeing pictures of them,” Chile said. 

The student council advisers plan to continue raising money and supplies for the Humane Society in the future.