Altoona Public Library organizes crochet club

Alyssa Klein , Guest Reporter

Crocheting is the process of making textiles by using a crochet hook. An individual can make garments or just a piece of fabric. 

The public library is hosting a crochet club for the community. This event will take place on Jan. 20, 2022. The reasoning for the crochet club is for people to learn how to crochet and enjoy partaking in an event. 

‘’I love making funny, geeky or functional things from crochet, and I often wear the items I have crocheted to the library and in public. I get asked frequently about how to make these items, so I decided I would teach others how to crochet their own,’’ Altoona Public library employee Justina Fuller said. 

‘’I hope that participants in the crochet club enjoy the satisfaction that comes with creating something by hand. I hope that they all get to experience that joy of completing a project, even if it’s a granny square with only three sides and knowing that they created something out of nothing,’’ Fuller said.

Crocheting is an activity that uses few materials, and it is mostly inexpensive.

‘’I love the versatility of crochet. In the last two years, I have created everything from purses to wigs to stuffed animals to an entire crocheted sword! Crochet requires very little materials, is relatively inexpensive and can be very unique to the individual,’’ Fuller said.

There are so many things that an individual can crochet whether he or she has a pattern or not. 

‘’My favorite thing about crochet is the freedom it lends to make whatever you want. Have a pattern- great! Don’t, make something up! Want a stuffed animal from a show you like but can’t afford one- make one! Need a hat or a scarf that means something to you-make one! Need a gift for your mom- make her something!’’ Fuller said.