AP students begin exam preparations

Lincoln Frank, Guest Reporter

AP testing will be starting this year in early May. In the months leading up to the exam, students will have multiple resources at their disposal to prepare and study for the test.

According to AP teacher Jesse Frailey, the best way to get ready for the test and lessen any anxiety is to be prepared with the information and materials that one would need.

“I think anxiety is going to happen, whether you want it to or not, and the only real way to deal with that is to be prepared. It is an important test, and you are paying money to take it. So you should be as prepared as possible,” Frailey said.

Students have a variety of resources at their disposal they may use in order to study for the exam.

“They should go to the myAP website and check out what’s available there including videos, summaries and study materials,” Frailey said.

Students will also have to choose when to start actively studying for the test, as to have the maximum amount of preparation and memory of what they’ve learned for the exam.

“I honestly think that you don’t have to be actively studying for the entire year, but you should keep track of information, and maybe start hard-core studying a month or two before,” Frailey said.

Students have their own materials they use to study for the test as well.

“I have my notebook and papers to take notes, and the websites given to us with information on them,”  freshman Kallen Plunket said.

Some students also already have plans to study for the test when the time comes.

“I plan on studying all of the work that we’ve done before in the class and going over my notes,” Plunket said.

Some AP students are choosing to enroll in dual enrollment rather than taking the AP exam.

“I usually go into dual enrollment instead of taking the test so that instead of taking the test and having to score a four or five, I can just pay to do dual enrollment and get college credits from passing the class,” senior Hailey Selvage said.

Other AP students are choosing not to take the test at all this year and rather focus on the class itself in order to gain experience.

“I decided not to take the test because I plan on getting into the CTC and just having an AP class on my record could help with that,” freshman Aiden Quirin said.