Altoona swim team prepares for Mifflin County meet


Courtesy of Patryck Webster

Juniors Steinbugl and Webster pose for the camera at an away meet.

Landen Fisher, Guest Reporter

With all sports comes practice for skills to be improved upon.  The art of swimming is no exception to this.  The swim team is currently preparing for a swim meet at home against Mifflin County on Jan. 24 and efforts are being made to ensure victory.

Junior Patryck Webster has been swimming for the team since he was a sophomore.  He of all people understands the preparation needed to be able to take a stand against other school’s teams.

“Focus is key.  Discipline is just as big.  But it all comes down to who wants to put the work in so when it comes time a skilled opponent steps up, you can compete,” Webster said.

Another swimmer is junior Kaylynn Manley, who is aware of the significance of this match.

“The significance of this match is to spread our girls out as much as we can to score as many points as possible.  Since we have so little girls, it’s really important to ensure we score as much as we can against teams we have a chance of beating,” Manley said.

Junior Austin Parker likewise has been on the swim team since he was a sophomore.  Due to an injury in his left shoulder, Parker had to take some time off from swimming, and upon his return, has to improve his technique to what it once was.

“It has been really inconvenient. Not so much has it affected meets than practices, though.  I can barely do practice.  I breathe on my left side so my left shoulder takes more force than my right arm so it doesn’t take long for it to get to a point where I can’t keep going no matter how much I’d want to.  It’s definitely holding me back in that regard,” Parker said.

Just as Webster and Parker have been swimming since their sophomore year, junior Jacob Steinbugl has as well.  Aware of the intimidating opponent, he has a good idea of Altoona’s chances of winning.

“I think if everyone can stay healthy, and we can maintain a good team morale and go into it with a positive mindset, we will have a clear advantage and can take the win easily,” Steinbugl said.

Tickets to watch the meet are $3 for students and $5 for adults.  With the effort of Altoona’s team and support from students and teachers alike, the swim team may defeat Mifflin County.