Principal McGinnis shares love of job

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Principal McGinnis shares love of job

Samantha Roller

Samantha Roller

Samantha Roller

Jada Quinn, Reporter

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Grades, business, detentions, dress code, cell phones. Probably things that would go through a principal’s head all day. It would be surprising to know the things that a principal thinks about daily.

Jason McGinnis, the sophomore principal of the school, has given some insight on the things that go through his head. He plans to do many things for the next few months for from raising money, competing between grade levels and organizing trips to a pep rally at the end of October.

McGinnis says  he thinks the new school will offer a very improved curriculum, and it will also create the opportunity to expand Altoona’s cyber school. He says that as a parent, it’s something he looks forward to for his boys. He hopes for more collaboration, more student engagement and educational activities with the new school.

“There’s more space to be offered, more features and a more hands on approach,” McGinnis says.

Before McGinnis was a principal, he was a physical education teacher. He says that being in a different environment definitely brings on more challenges, but he thrives on challenge. McGinnis says that no two days being a principal are the same.

“I want to have a greater impact on kids and a building as a whole,” he said.

He loves being part of a community and having an impact.

“I want kids to have good experiences,” McGinnis said.

While he was a gym teacher, he learned how to be a leader. He says when you’re in a gym, as opposed to a classroom, teachers are dealing with kids’ safety, and their head has to constantly be on a swivel. He also learned management from his physical education experience.

“Be firm, fair and consistent,” McGinnis said.

Being a principal has taught him that every situation is unique, and sometimes they are hard to understand. He says he wants to keep kids safe and always look out for their best interests.

“You have to take it on a case by case,” he said.

McGinnis says that being a principal is what you make of it, and he says that he loves interacting with kids. He encourages teachers to get out from behind the desk and be visible.

He prefers being a principal. He says would never go back and that he may have had to best job in the world then, but he’s proud of himself now and loves his job much more because he’s making a greater impact and has more challenges, which he loves.

“There are three things I expect. Choose kindness, lead by example and be respectful. They will lead you to success. You set yourself up for better,” McGinnis said.