Revisions made to dress code


Myah Lear

Dress code Students walk in the hall. Some people follow the rules when it comes to what they are allowed to wear.

Myah Lear, Media Manager

Minor revisions have been made to the dress code this year that could possibly make it easier for students to figure out what to wear to school.

One of the revisions made is in regards to the length that students can wear.

“There are very minimal changes,” Assistant Principal Keri Harrington said. “The changes that were put in place happened late fall, and they pertain to the length of shorts that are permitted. In the past, the length of shorts had to be to the knee area and now they are permitted to be mid thigh area. That would pertain to shorts, dresses, skirts, and it would also pertain to holes in jeans. So in the past, you could have holes in jeans in the knees of your jeans. Now, those holes can go up to the mid thigh area but no higher. It can be halfway from your hip to your knee.”

Recently, some administrators have found things that needed to be tweaked in the student dress code.

“[What makes it difficult is] the current styles and the difficulty in finding clothing to meet the requirements. There was a group of parents, students and administrators who got together to discuss the current dress code that was in place at the time,” Harrington said. “Those were some of the changes that we just felt needed to be made to update and make things a little bit more reasonable.”

The new changes could impact the opinions of students when it comes to the dress code.

“I think that it seems as though it will make students happier,” Harrington said. “We did have a lot of students in the fall who were wearing shorts that tended to be above the knee, so I think it will work out.”

McCauley went to the school board on Sep. 20, 2021 to try and get the dress code rules changed.

“My shoulders were showing and my skirt was 2.1 inches above the top of my kneecap,” McCauley said. “I felt like I shouldn’t have gotten dress-coded because the dress code says jackets and sweaters cannot be tied around your waist. They must be placed in your locker, which I did. I was nervous but I knew that something had to be done, and I knew it had to be me. I feel like people are scared to stand up to the administration and fight for what’s right, so I did.”

McCauley expressed appreciation for the changes.

“I feel like it’s easier to judge. When you pick out the outfit for the day, it’s easier to tell what you are going to get dress-coded for and what you can and can not get away with,” McCauley said.

Student opinions on the dress code vary.

“I feel that if the school is going to give rules for the dress code, it needs to be held across the board and on all students. I don’t think there should be favoritism with certain students because they know teachers or students because they know teachers, or they have different views on topics,” junior Abigail Gensamer said.

“I think the dress code is not fair, and I think they should change it,” junior Eli Wisor said. “The thing about the length of your shorts having to go down to your knees was really stupid. It’s hard to find clothes that go down to your knees sometimes. I also think the exposed shoulder thing should also go away because it’s not fair either… It’s just a shoulder, so I think they should allow you to show your shoulders too.”