Track athletes take on Penn Relays 

Abigail Herncane, Guest Reporter

Penn Relays is the oldest and biggest track and field competition in the United States.  It has been held every year since 1895 at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.  The meet started April 28 and last until the 30.  Only athletes who qualify can attend this meet.  

“This meet has the most competition.  You see high school, college and Olympic trials and finals,” Senior Brooke Long said.   “You get to see all the talent and skills that you don’t see anywhere else.  It’s a big adrenaline rush and reminds you why you are there, to compete but most importantly take in the experience.”  

Experience is a big factor in becoming great.  Being able to be a part of this meet gives athlete exactly that.  

“The team and I practiced handoffs and are going down a day early to practice more before the competition,” sophomore Hailey Krazetz said