Mug sales benefit Art Honor Society


Eli Peteuil

Cheers! Get any of these handcrafted mugs for $10. Go to B 229 to purchase one of these mugs.

Eli Peteuil, Reporter

Stop by ceramics teacher Eric Hoover’s classroom anytime from now to the end of the year or until they are sold out. Students and teachers can buy a handcrafted mug from visiting art resident Robert (Bob) Zabrosky and ceramics teacher Eric Hoover. The mugs are $10 each, and there are different glaze colors students and teachers can choose from. There are also different Altoona logos on the mugs to pick from. 

“We did the mugs last spring. I threw all the mugs in one day, and I put the handles on the next day. Hoover glazed them at the start of the year. I was able to make so many in one day because I’ve been doing this stuff for 40 years, and it’s like muscle memory now. When I have all my clay laid out I can throw a large cylinder in a minute,” Zabrosky said.

All mug proceeds go to the Art Honor Society.