Senior staff members plan for future


Cassidy Klock

Say bye Senior staff members wrap up their final years of high school. The end date of the 2021-22 school year is on June 3.

Cassidy Klock, Associate Editor

As the school year comes to a close, senior staff members continue to prepare for their life that is to come after high school. Some of the staff members have different ambitions for their future other than college. 

Destiny Montgomery

Senior Destiny Montgomery has been in journalism since her ninth grade year. Montgomery started writing on the Livewire at age 13. 

“My eighth grade English teacher, Mr. Clouser suggested that I take intro to newspaper because of my writing skills. I wasn’t entirely sure of what the class was about at first, but after writing my first story, I knew that it was for me. I’ve met some of my closest friends over the years. It’s tough at times, but newspaper is definitely the best part of my day,” Montgomery said. 

As of this year, Montgomery has taken over the role of Editor in Chief alongside publications adviser Wanda Vanish. 

“I was asked to step up alongside Sydney Wilfong and Ben Blackie my junior year as an associate editor. From that point on, I loved editing stories. Being the only junior on the editing team meant that the position of Editor in Chief was mine for my senior year. I brought up Cassidy as an associate editor, and I’m so glad I did. She’s one of my best friends, and I don’t know what I would’ve done without her this year. It feels so special to be the head editor of our newspaper, and I’m definitely going to miss it,” Montgomery said. 

Montgomery will be attending college at Penn State Altoona for her first two years to remain close to home with family. She will be majoring in psychology and possibly minoring in deafness and hearing studies and/or spanish.

“I considered studying journalism in college, but psychology has been such a huge part of my life. I knew I wanted to be a type of counselor since I was 9 years old. I plan on going to grad school and specializing in clinical psychology. I really want to work in a Veterans Affairs clinic and work with veterans. That is partially also why I want to minor in deafness and hearing studies. I really want to learn American Sign Language and be able to help people who suffer from that,” Montgomery said. 

Since Montgomery has been on staff for four years, she has made new friends, memories and is grateful for all of the opportunities that journalism has opened up to her. 

“This year has definitely been a great year for me. I got super close with Cassidy and Maddy which has made it 10x better. I also got to participate in PSPA finals in State College which was a super cool experience for me. This year and last year I was on the National Scholastic Press Association journalism honor roll, and I was inducted to the Quill and Scroll Honor Society this year. I’ve had so many great experiences in my four years here. I also have to mention the fact that my younger sister is in the class too this year, so we get to spend a little bit more time together,” Montgomery said. 

Trey Boore

Senior Trey Boore joined the Mountain Echo staff this year after taking the Introduction to  Publications course last  year. 

Though Boore took the journalism class, he also took the yearbook course. Boore has a passion for photography and has grown to own his own photography business. 

“I was inspired to be a photographer because it was one of those things that captures my creativity, and it was also a way for me to put myself out there and go on new adventures. I also enjoyed the feedback I got from taking photos,”  Boore said. 

Boore is pondering the idea of attending college but is definitely continuing on with his band, Sweet Desire. 

“I play the drums, I take the most leadership when it comes to designing and finding our image. I do a lot of songwriting and mess around with the other instruments to try and compose something from scratch,” Boore said. 

For the Mountain Echo, Boore has brought his own music blog to the table called Trey’s Tunes.

“I decided to do blogs because I found I had a lot of built up stress from doing things like feature stories and decided to switch to something I enjoy which is sharing my musical taste and breaking down why that is,” Boore said.

Jayla Nartatez 

Senior Jayla Nartatez joined the staff mid-year from the Introduction to Publications class due to the level of her work. 

“After writing my first story for the class, I found myself wanting to write more.  After talking to Mrs. Vanish, she allowed me to become part of the staff and continue my writing.  I enjoy interviewing people and telling interesting stories,” Nartatez said. 

Nartatez decided she wanted to become a journalist when she was 16 years old during her sophomore year of high school.

“I found enjoyment in writing, and being able to tell other people’s stories.  I have always wanted my future job to be something where I could help people and through journalism; I hope to bring truth to a world that is full of dishonesty,” Nartatez said. 

Natrataz, along with Montgomery, will be attending Penn State Altoona. 

“I chose to attend Penn State because it has always been a part of my life.  A majority of my family attended Penn State and from attending football games to walking on campus with my brother, I as well wanted to have that Penn State experience,” Nartatez said. 

Connor George 

Senior Connor George has also been on staff since his freshman year over at the junior high school. 

“I joined the newspaper staff in ninth grade, mostly out of curiosity. I was always interested in taking a creative writing class, and I felt a passion for talking to different people around the school and finding out what they think,” George said. 

George, instead of going to college, will be joining the military. 

“I decided to become a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy. I joined because I really didn’t know what to do after school, and the opportunity was too good to pass up,” George said. 

George is the business manager of the Mountain Echo and was moved up to this position in the middle of the 2021-2022 school year. 

“The business manager deals with the finances of the newspaper and the finances of senior week,” George said.

As his senior year comes to a close, George will not only be leaving the Mountain Echo staff but also the band. 

“I play percussion for orchestra and wind ensemble and bass drum for the  marching band. I’ve been playing percussion since the end of fourth grade, so about eight years, and I’ve been playing bass drum in marching band since my sophomore year, so three years,” George said.

Avery Reid

Senior Avery Reid was on staff her freshman year, Reid quit journalism through her sophomore and junior year but rejoined in her senior year.

“I came back to the newspaper because I realized how much I missed newspaper and how much writing meant to me,” Reid said.

Reid spent her senior year running for the track team but was injured during the Turkey Bowl just before Thanksgiving break.

“I was really upset about it. I have been doing track since my seventh grade year. I went through a very long recovery, and it made me realize how to appreciate little things in life,” Reid said. 

Reid plans to attend Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and is majoring in business. 

“I decided to major in business and marketing because I am great at talking to people, and you can be creative in the marketing field. As soon as I toured Duquesne, I knew it was the school for me,” Reid said

Though Reid was only on staff for two years as opposed to seniors like George and Montgomery, she still is grateful for the friendships she has made throughout those two years.