The MARVELous Universe

Destiny Montgomery, Editor in Chief

I have many obsessions: sweet tea, books, “Dance Moms” and most importantly: the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of now, there are 28 movies and six Disney+ series. Not all of the movies were released in the timeline order, so Disney+ has a feature where fans can watch the movies in the specific order. The 16th movie in the timeline order: “Spiderman Homecoming,” was released on July 7, 2017. Spoiler alerts ahead:

I do have to mention that although this isn’t the first Spiderman movie to come out, this is the first solo movie to be considered on the MCU timeline. 

The main characters and actors to know in this “Spiderverse” are:

Peter Parker – Tom Holland

Ned Leeds – Jacob Batalon

Michelle Jones (MJ) – Zendaya

May Parker – Marisa Tomei

Happy Hogan – Jon Favreau

The movie starts with some men, the main one being Adrian Toomes. Their job is to clean up the events of the battle of New York. The US Department of Damage Control ends up arriving saying that they will be in charge and confiscating all of their findings of Chitauri parts. Once they find out that Tony Stark is in charge of Damage Control, Toomes and three of his coworkers (Brice, Shultz and Mason) decide to continue gathering the Chitauri tech anyway. They continued this for eight years, to the present day.

The movie then goes to Peter Parker vlogging while he is traveling to Berlin with Happy, to help Tony in the events of “Civil War.” Peter gets a new spiderman suit which he is really excited about. After the fight Tony brings him home, leaving him ready for the next mission.

About two months later Peter keeps trying to call Happy to find out what his next mission is. He is a high school student at Midtown High School in Queens, New York. At school, he plans to build a Lego Death Star with his best friend Ned, and has a huge crush on a senior named Liz. He goes around the city to help people and fight crime. He refers to his duty as Spiderman as the Stark internship, and had to quit his school’s decathlon team because of it. 

One night, Peter catches four robbers with Avengers masks trying to rob a bank using high tech weapons and equipment. Peter fights the criminals until one of them shoots a blast that blows up a bank and the place across the street. 

He comes home by sneaking through the window because he doesn’t want his Aunt May to know that he is Spiderman. He is shocked to see Ned sitting on the bed, finding out that he is Spiderman.  At gym class the next day, they hear Liz say that she has a crush on Spiderman. Ned then bursts out that Peter knows him, which gets them an invite to her party. 

Peter plans on changing into his suit at the party, but when he goes to do that, he sees an explosion in the distance. When he goes to see what is going on, he finds Brice and Shultz selling Chitauri tech to a random guy. Peter intervenes, but just as he does the Vulture swoops down and grabs him, and ends up dropping him into a river when Iron Man comes to rescue him due to a chip in his suit. Although Iron Man is there, Tony is not, and is almost on a call with Peter. Tony tells Peter to stay out of crime fighting, but Peter doesn’t listen, and finds a weapon that one of the guys left. He puts a tracker on Shultz and finds out that he’s going to Maryland. He decides to rejoin the decathlon team because they are heading to Washington D.C. for nationals. 

In Maryland, he catches the guys trying to take a Damage Control truck with more weapons inside. Suddenly he becomes unconscious and wakes up in the Damage Control warehouse and is unable to leave due to the door being sealed until the morning. He does make good use of his freetime though, with his suit’s A.I. Karen, as she shows him different tech in the suit. Karen explains to him that the core of the weapon is pretty much a bomb that will go off if exposed to radiation. She then helps him escape the warehouse. 

He ends up missing the competition, but they still win thanks to MJ. They then go into the Washington Monument, where Peter tries to warn Ned of the core bomb in his backpack, but can’t get through. He rushes to the monument in his suit, but the core goes off in the elevator. He ends up climbing up the monument and saves everyone in the elevator. 

When they get back to New York, Karen tells Peter that his suit records everything, so they have a visual on the guy that they were selling weapons to and they find him, where he reveals that Toomes is getting more at the Staten Island Ferry. There, Peter finds them and a whole fight breaks out. One of the weapons ends up splitting the ferry in half. Peter does everything he can to hold it together. Luckily, Iron Man and his drones show up to help. 

Tony and Peter get into a little argument on a rooftop, where Tony demands to get the suit back. When Aunt May wants an explanation for his behaviors, he says that he was fired from the internship. 

At school, Peter admits to liking Liz, which she already knew, so he asked her to the homecoming dance. On the night of the dance, Peter goes to Liz’s house to pick her up when her dad answers the door. Her dad is literally Toomes. On the way there, Liz starts telling her dad about Peter, and he slowly figures out that he is Spiderman. After Liz gets out of the car, Toomes threatens Peter to mind his own business. At the dance, Peter learns that Toomes is planning to steal weapons from a plane leaving Avengers Tower. 

While Peter is rushing to stop Toomes, Ned becomes his “guy in the chair” and helps. In his homemade suit, he finds Toomes in a building where they have a conversation, long enough for him to get his wings and blow up the building on Peter, where the rubble begins to crush him. He eventually gets the strength to lift it off. He gets on to the Vulture’s suit on the plane. They fight each other on the plane, knocking the turbines and sending it to Coney Island. Peter is able to make the plane crash on the beach and avoid the city. Toomes tries to get away but the cores blow up. He ends up getting arrested. 

At school, Liz is moving since her father is on trial. Peter gets back on the decathlon team with MJ as captain. He gets a text to go to the bathroom where Happy is, and he tells Peter that Tony wants to see him. 

They take him to the new Avengers Headquarters where Tony gives Peter a new suit, telling him that there are reporters behind the wall waiting for him to officially make him an Avenger. Peter turns it down though, preferring to be a “friendly neighborhood Spiderman.” 

Once he goes home, he finds a bag on his bed from Tony that has his original Spiderman suit in it. Once he puts it on, he doesn’t realize that Aunt May is standing right behind him.