Rothlisberger inducted into hall of fame

Makenzie Closson

The Pittsburgh Steelers had an unpredictable 2021-2022 season, winning 12 of their games and losing nine. Although, one of the biggest events of the season wasn’t even about gameplay. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger finally announced that he would be retiring after the 2021-2022 football season.

Roethlisberger has been a player for the Steelers for 18 seasons, and has been inducted into the hall of fame. At age 39, he has decided to call it quits. Rothelsberger will be remembered for his insane commitment to the sport, and his overall talent. 

It is undeniable that Roethlisberger is beyond successful in his football career and deserves to retire after his service to the team. Although the debate still stands on whether or not he was actually one of the best quarterbacks at all. As sports fans are trained to do, there will be arguing. Roethlisberger joined an elite club of top passers who have led their own team to victory, usually all on their own on multiple occasions. Although he is one of the NFL’s veterans, people don’t normally talk about him when the conversation about best quarterbacks is brought up. 

Peyton Manning for the Colts and the Broncos, holds 24 NFL records, including most seasons with 4000 passing yards, highest regular season passer rating, and the only QB with 12 wins in six consecutive seasons. Plus many others. He holds seven career Pro Bowl records and five rookie QB records as well. Many argue that Roethlisberger can’t amount to any of that. Remove Manning’s passing game, and you’ll find that he doesn’t make big plays the way that Roethlisberger can. On top of all of that, Roethlisberger has taken home two Super Bowl Rings, while Manning has only one— that took nine years to obtain.

Another wide renowned player that everyone can’t seem to get enough of is Tom Brady. Brady has also won two Super Bowls before the age of 27, like Roethlisberger, but has made it to see the Super Bowl four times. The difference between Brady and Roethlisberger is Roethlisberger’s ability to keep persevering throughout a season whereas Brady can be easily shaken when knocked down a first time. 

As the final message, Roethlisberger does deserve to be acknowledged more for his abilities to keep the Pittsburgh Steelers together–and winning– for so long. Since his retirement, I feel like he will eventually be determined to be one of the best of the best.