Behind the scenes of Homecoming


Charlie Kephart

Charles Dantos tests out ideas for games night. Dantos and the rest of the committee have a lineup of games set up for the teams to compete in.

Charlie Kephart, Reporter

Sixteen committee members, teachers, chaperones and others put effort in behind the scenes to make sure that all the students enjoy the festivities of the week including: theme days, games night, the dance, the football game and voting for their Homecoming royals. 

Art teacher Kathryn Curry plays a role in making Homecoming happen. Curry is the Homecoming adviser, and she is planning the events. In the past, Curry has also planned the dance.  

“I became homecoming adviser because I like the excitement and anticipation that comes with Homecoming at the beginning of the year,” Curry said. 

Curry has been involved in this week for four years. She became Homecoming Adviser in 2019. She has had a few off years because of COVID-19 and being virtual for school, but this year she hopes to get back on track completely. She previously had faced some struggles when trying to manage all of the events for the week. 

“When it was just me doing everything, I think doing the dance, games night, coronation and having three major events was a lot to juggle and keep track of, so I’m very thankful that Mrs. Hogan is taking charge of the dance,” Curry said. 

Curry has passed the dance planning portion of Homecoming off to Jessica Hogan. Hogan is a biology teacher and is taking on the job of preparing the dance. 

“I like coordinating dances. I like doing that and we had such a good experience with the Spring Fling last year. I thought that Homecoming would be a lot of fun,” Hogan said. 

Hogan planned dances at the junior high—where she previously worked. Hogan planned the freshman social, so she wanted to do something similar at this school. Hogan has new ideas for the dance this year. 

“I think we are going to get the kids in faster. We have a plan in place. We won’t be letting kids take water into the gym, so we won’t have a mess like last year,” Hogan said. 

Hogan is hopeful for all of the students who attend to have a fun night. 

“I just hope a lot of kids come out with good intentions and not a lot of drama, and we just want to have a nice, fun dress-up evening to get ready for Homecoming and to celebrate Homecoming events,” Hogan said. 

Hogan believes there will be some challenges to Homecoming that she didn’t face during the Spring Fling dance last year. 

“There are going to be a lot more kids at this dance. The whole field house is going to be open. Last year they sold close to 1200 tickets, so that’s like four times as many as we had at the Spring Fling,” Hogan said. 

Hogan is confident in her abilities to make this dance a success, along with the help of the 16 kids on the Homecoming committee. This year, the committee has over five times as many members as they did last year. More committee members opens more opportunities and more ideas can be contributed. Charles Dantos is a freshman who decided to join the committee this year for the experience. He is enjoying it so far. He thinks that everything behind the scenes of all of these events are very important. 

“I think Homecoming means friendship, endurance and experience. It’s the start of the year proving you’re in it for the rest of the year. It’s a fun event with your friends, and this is my first one, so I really want to make it count while I’m still starting out,” Dantos said. 

Another reason Dantos joined the committee is to see what goes on behind the scenes and be a part of the process. Dantos’s friends are also on the committee which made Dantos want to have some fun with his friends and make sure that the rest of the school has fun. 

Dantos has ideas to contribute to theme days, games night, and making posters to hang around school. He will also be contributing by helping with the charity cans that will be set up at lunch the week of Homecoming.

Dantos is just one of the people that contribute behind the scenes of this event making sure that all students have an exciting week.