School store changes prices


Maddie Cowfer

The student council school store changes their prices. All chips and breakfast bars now cost $.75.

Starting Monday, Oct. 17, there will be price adjustments at the school store. They will now be charging $.75 for all chips and granola bars or breakfast bars.

Student council has updated their prices on items due to the cost of purchasing the items for the store.

“As of Oct. 17 the prices in the school store for snack chips and breakfast bars will move from $.50 to $.75 cents. It is costing us more to purchase the items for sale,” student council adviser Kimberly Shope said.

Though the prices have changed, students can still buy items at the school store for less than $1.

“We don’t charge any more than we have to, but we can’t take a loss on the items we sell. Students will still be able to buy something to eat and drink for a reasonable cost,” Shope said.

Due to inflation on food, student council had to raise the prices of items to accommodate the cost.

“Unfortunately food costs are on the rise everywhere and this change is a reaction to those increases,” Shope said.

Students can go to the school store during periods one, two, seven and eight.

“We mainly sell flavored ice drinks in the morning. Students do enjoy that we have a variety of options though, and every order is different,” junior Dawn Dempsey said.

Some students go to the school store during homeroom for breakfast.

“I work at the store during homeroom. I would say that at least 20 kids come in before the bell rings,” Dempsey said.

The money made at the school store helps support student council and their club activities.

“The price changes at the school store are just to help out with the costs of purchasing food from grocery stores. We have to make a bit of profit because this is the major funding for student council,” Dempsey said.

Even though the price has changed, students can still get items that are less expensive than the grocery store.

“I don’t think it will affect how much the students will purchase the items because we didn’t raise too many prices, and the price increases are not dramatically different,” Dempsey said.

The items that prices have changed are some of the most popular items the school store sells.

“There was a price upcharge because some of our most popular items prices for us to buy were raised. The most popular items sold are probably either Cheez-its or Doritos,” senior Gracie Wilt said.

Some students that go to the school store buy more than one item at a time.

“I’d say the average number of items sold a day is around 100 items and the number of students who visit the school store is probably anywhere from 50-60 students,” Wilt said.