Sign Language Club plans for upcoming meeting on Nov. 17


Bryana Ayala

Every Voice Matters A sticker spreads positivity about Sign Language. Lenhart is planning on using stickers as a way to gain more interest for the club by passing them out to students.

The Sign Language club will be meeting on Nov. 17 in room B205 to talk about different organizational topics such as nominating officers including a president, a vice president, a treasurer and a public relations specialists. The adviser Shelby Lenhart also hopes to talk about future events involving the club and guest speakers. 

“It’s just a fun place to come and learn about a language and a culture that your students might not know about… I’m hoping that we will nominate some people who want to run for office and that will help kind of give some interest,” Lenhart said.

All students are welcomed to attend the meeting and join the Google classroom with the code ty24kbp.