Dorman’s Sports Performance, Haulman Physical Therapy enhance athlete training


Courtesy of Andie Kephart

Lifting. Andie Kephart performs a lift called a clean and jerk at 2021 Nationals in Detroit, MI. Kephart has been lifting at Dorman’s Sports Performance with the barbell club for three years.

Dorman’s Sports Performance offers a weightlifting program, Crossfit and Functions classes, open gym memberships and training for student athletes. Haulman Physical Therapy has recovery for anyone seeking it after surgeries, sports injuries and more. 

In August, 2015, Freddie Dorman opened Dorman’s Sports Performance. In 2018, Zach Haulman joined Dorman by opening Haulman Physical Therapy in the same building. 

Dorman opened the gym because of his passion for sports and a lower back fracture that took him out of his sport. 

“I was a professional hockey player for four years before I got hurt in 2012. During the rehab process, I realized there was a missing link between performance and athletes,” Dorman said. 

Dorman obtained his bachelor’s degree in exercise science at California University of Pennsylvania. He also has certifications from USA Weightlifting and the National Association of Speed and Explosiveness. With the staff and himself having higher education, Dorman believes having this education is what makes the quality of the gym what it is. 

“We set ourselves apart because all of our staff are highly educated and really do an amazing job getting people to where they want to be. We also have a ton of experience developing high level athletes,” Dorman said. 

Dorman hopes to grow the gym and get more members of the community to come out and improve their athletic abilities.

“I would like to see our adult fitness membership get larger, so we can help more people meet more goals,” Dorman said. 

Junior Laney Yost is a part of 1440 Collective, the weightlifting group at Dormans. Yost decided to start lifting this past year. 

I started weightlifting after I quit gymnastics last year. I was always interested in the sport, but didn’t have the time to try it until I quit [gymnastics],” Yost said. 

Yost believes Dorman is a good coach because of his passion for making the team better at lifting. 

“I think Fred [Dorman] is a great coach because his passion for weightlifting inspires his athletes, and he creates an environment that promotes positivity and growth. He genuinely cares for his lifters and always makes an effort to make us better not only in weightlifting, but also in all aspects of life,” Yost said. 

“I want every kid to have the opportunity that I was gifted with. I also want every kid to realize their potential and have fun doing it because hard work does pay off.” ”

— Freddie Dorman

Haulman opened a physical therapy business due to his interest in helping people recover from different types of problems. 

“I played sports when I was younger. I have had my fair share of bumps and bruises. I’ve always had an interest in fixing myself as well as helping other people,” Haulman said. 

Haulman is known for a variety of services he offers. He has all of these open to any client who needs it. 

“We are most known for physical therapy, offering specialties in orthopedics, women’s health and pelvic floor and neuro (vertigo, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, etc.). We also offer body work for overtraining athletes such as cupping, scraping and more,” Haulman said. 

Haulman has goals set in mind for each patient who comes to him seeking help. He also wishes to be a top local physical therapist. 

“My goal is to provide a one of a kind experience and get people better as efficiently as possible. I work with Brent Dodson and Taylor Edminston. I want to grow a business where we are seen as the area’s premier clinical specialists and the first name you think of when it comes to physical therapy,” Haulman said. 

Sophomore wrestler Luke Sipes started going to Haulman for a shoulder injury. 

“I had a SLAP (Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior) tear in my shoulder. I tore my labrum and the top of my bicep tendon,” Sipes said. 

Sipes chose Haulman as his physical therapist because of his personality and willingness to help Sipes recover. 

Zach gets to know you personally. You get to know him more than just a therapist. Apart from his state of the art technology, like BFR (Blood Flow Restriction Therapy) and his amazing one-on-one quality therapy time, Zach becomes a trusted mentor and strength coach that you can always count on to get you feeling better,” Sipes said.