Apple vs. Orange: Which is the Superior Juice?

Whenever I was growing up, everyone would always find me with apple juice. No matter where I was, I was always drinking apple juice. It was my first choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and really just anytime I was thirsty. Orange juice is okay occasionally, but nothing beats the crisp, cold taste of a good glass of apple juice. The whole debate over apple and orange juice is a very serious, controversial thing, but apple juice is definitely the superior juice. 

Apple juice has many nutritional benefits. According to Real Fruit Power, apple juice is loaded with good things for the body. It contains calcium, potassium and magnesium. Apple juice is also a rich source of phenolic compounds, which can help fight off common infections like the flu. 

Real Fruit Power also gives a list of some additional health benefits included in apple juice. Apple juice can enhance skin, help control weight, help keep a healthy heart, keepspeople’s liver healthy, be good for diabetics, be a good source of hydration, prevent anemia and improve vision. 

Apple juice is also full of Vitamins A, B12, C and D. Vitamin A is important to help vision, growth, cell division and immunity. B12 is needed to form red blood cells. Vitamin C protects cells against free radicals. Free radicals can cause heart disease and cancer. Vitamin D is used to absorb calcium for bone building. Apple juice gives  good amounts of all these vitamins and helps prevent diseases that could be caused without them. 

In one eight ounce bottle of apple juice, 100% of the Vitamin A needed for the day is in it. In one eight ounce bottle of orange juice, only 3% of the day’s Vitamin A is there. Orange juice does contain more Vitamin C because citrus fruits are packed with it. 

According to DrLam Coaching, orange juice can have many benefits, but also many health risks. Benefits of orange juice are that it can help prevent kidney stones, is high in vitamins, can aid in preventing cancer, is high in potassium and reduces blood pressure. But, the risks of it include its high levels of sugar, the acid from the citrus, being linked to diabetes and it is high in calories. One study also linked it to cancer. Over time, the acid can wear away at teeth and give someone serious dental damage.

If people really want to drink orange juice, they are going to want to drink it quickly, so it doesn’t cause damage to their teeth. They are also going to want to get it with pulp because when pulp is filtered out, all the nutrients are lost. Making homemade orange juice could also be beneficial because then it won’t have all the extra sugar. 

Whenever someone drinks apple juice, they don’t have to go through that whole process. They can really take their time drinking it and enjoy the amazing taste of it. The vitamins and minerals in apple juice, in my opinion, outweigh the benefits of orange juice. Even though orange juice may be higher in some nutritional values, apple juice tastes better and is going to still give them those benefits. 

Like pretty much any other drink, apple juice does have some downfalls. According to Healthline, apple juice has a few risks. A one-cup serving contains about 114 calories, depending on the brand. A medium sized apple contains 95 calories. An apple will probably keep someone’s hunger more satisfied, but juice is probably going to be the more efficient option. The less awkward option too. In my opinion, sometimes eating an apple can be a little awkward because of the shape and the way someone would have to bite into it. 

Another downside is if it is not organic, anyone drinking it could be ingesting some bad stuff. If they buy non-organic apple juice, it could be contaminated with pesticides. In a study done by the US Department of Agriculture, out of 379 samples of non-organic, about 50 percent contained at least one pesticide. Orange juice can also contain pesticides which are linked to cancer and fertility problems. No matter which juice someone is choosing, they probably want to get organic to be safe. 

Neither juice is the healthiest option, but if someone is  craving some fruit juice, I say go with apple. If someone is on a diet, they might want to go with water or juices in small amounts, if they really want it.

Tablespoon has a recipe to make homemade apple juice that is a lot healthier than store-bought. It contains apples and cinnamon and sugar are optional. By making homemade apple juice, they are keeping all the bad stuff out of it and keeping all the nutrients from the apples. The apples in apple juice are the source of the vitamins and minerals. By making homemade juice with just apples, it will have all the good nutrients everyone wants and none of the bad stuff, like pesticides and excess sugar. 

I would say apple juice is the superior juice between the two due to its vitamins, minerals, nutrients and more. In the end it all comes down to personal preference. If someone prefers oranges, drink orange juice. If someone prefer apples, drink apple juice. People are really missing out if they go with orange juice though.