Announcements for 3/29

Attention students who are 16 years of age and older: Student Council will be sponsoring a
bloodmobile on Wednesday, April 19 th . Sign-up sheets are located in the Jr/Sr reporting
rooms. Any student who is 16 will require parent permission. Parental permission forms are
located in the school store or in the Nurse’s office. Any student under the age of 16 is not
eligible to participate. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Dibert in the nurse’s office. Please
consider donating as the American Red Cross is always in need.

The next Friends of Rachel meeting will be on FRIDAY, MARCH 31 st , DURING PERIOD 1. We
will be creating sidewalk art and positive sayings. If the weather is chilly (and it probably will
be during period 1), bring your hoodies/jackets to the meeting. We’ll meet in the open
cafeteria for attendance. Pick up your pass in the library and remember to have your first
period teacher initial your pass.

Friday’s March Madness Tournament exceeded all expectations. On the lunch half, topseed
Mashed Potato Bowl cemented its “icon” status with a victory over opposing 1- seed Holiday
Dinner. The AAHS student body will be treated to a bonus Mashed Potato Bowl lunch in
early April, courtesy of Metz. But once again, our teachers stole the show. ESPN 8- “The
Ocho”- has already bought the broadcast rights to the 15 vs. 15, Mrs. Sipes vs. Mrs. Falger
Championship. After votes and donations were tallied, it was our charismatic Chemistry
teacher crowned first tournament champion, with a 404 to 398 final tally. Both teachers
raised $204 for this Championship game alone, bringing our 1-week total to $357 being
donated to the Altoona Food Bank! Thank you to all students and staff who participated in
the tournament over the past month. And now for Mrs. Falger’s classes, your ultimate prize

Even though our March Madness tournament is over, be on the lookout for some fast facts
in the Open and Closed Cafeterias about Metz and the amazing work these men and women
do to prepare our meals each day.
Did you know 2,280 breakfasts are served District-wide each day?
Our bonus Mashed Potato Bowl day is coming in early April! Will you be ready?

A representative from Universal Technical Institute will be here on Thursday, March 30 th
during lunches. Stop by to find out more information about this university.

Attention female students: Grier School, located in Tyrone, PA, is a private boarding school
for girls in grades 7-12, and they are looking for female summer counselors in the month of
July. If you are responsible, enthusiastic, compassionate, creative and like working with
students, please log onto our website for the link which provides all the details.

Attention Seniors: Please stop by the Guidance Office for a new scholarship opportunity.
Applications are now being accepted for the Kai Burkett Memorial Scholarship. You must have
a 3.5 GPA or higher, must be an athlete, and must engage in the great outdoors in some
fashion. Deadline is May 12 th .

Attention Seniors: The William Sankey Memorial Scholarship is for students with a 90% GPA
or higher who have been part of a sport each of 9 th through 12 th grade. The Devon Pfirsching
Scholarship is for students who have participated in a sport or club and are planning on post-
secondary education. Deadline for both scholarships is April 14 th .

Attention Seniors: Announcing another scholarship opportunity with no restrictive
qualifications. Stop by the Guidance office to pick up an application for the Pittman/Hansard
Family Scholarship Fund. Deadline is May 5 th .

Attention Seniors: Are you going on to college to major in education? If so, you will want to
stop by the guidance office to pick up an application for a $1,000 scholarship from the Blair
County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees. Original application needs
to be mailed and must be received by May 26 th .