Canoe Creek field trip upcoming for gym classes


Bryana Ayala

Sign Up Permission slips for the field trip lay on gym teachers’ desks. All teachers want the permission slips back as soon as possible.

On Tuesday, May 23 any students who participated in a physical education or health class have the opportunity to go to Canoe Creek for the day. Tom Palfey plans to leave with the students at 9 a.m. and return at 2:30 p.m.. The field trip teaches students how to enjoy the outdoors with a variety of activities such as: hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking and camping. 

“It gets students outside and gives them something else to do besides being locked in a room all day,” sophomore Jordan Boston said. “People can also find new interests in hiking or swimming. Plus, they get to enjoy the day with their friends.”

Students can pick up a permission slip from any of the physical education teachers. There is no fee to participate.