Suorins cause uproar

Minya Strobel, Reporter

Juuls aren’t cool anymore; Suorins are causing an uproar. A new vape device is being used by high schoolers, called a Suorin. There are different types of Suorins, but the most commonly used ones are Suorin Air and Suorin Drop. This device is overall cheaper than a Juul. The user can choose how much nicotine they want to use with their Suorin. Owning a Juul means buying a new pack of pods every time the user runs out. Each pack of pods costs about $20.

“Suorins use vape juice, whereas juuls use pods. So Suorin juice lasts longer, which is why they appeal to teenagers more,” junior Paine Savoy said. 

Any vape posts the risks of the user using more tobacco products. Not only do vapes create an addiction to nicotine, they potentially give the consumer health risks. Diacetyl, a chemical known to cause serious lung disease, is found in vape juice. Other elements such as nickel, tin, and lead have been found in vapes. To read more about the effects of vaping, go to

“Suorins could be very harmful, and have very bad health affects on kids our age,” junior Tremayne Spriggsm said.

Parents and teachers need to watch out for teenagers using vapes. The teenage body is not done growing.  Using vapes could stunt the growth of a student. 

“Nobody uses Juuls anymore, Suorins are what everyone in high school has been using,” Hollidaysburg freshman Tyler Eaken said.