Students should have school lunch location options

Should students be allowed to go to Sheetz or McDonald's to get lunch?

Kalysta Ansman

Should students be allowed to go to Sheetz or McDonald's to get lunch?

Kalysta Ansman, Reporter

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The most popular topic when it comes to school has been lunch since the beginning of time. From Kindergarten to senior year, lunch is the best part of the school day.

Many years ago, leaving school property for lunch was normal, but today kids are not allowed to leave school grounds. Not only is it a safety hazard in this day and age, but many are worried that the students will not return to school afterward.

Should it really be such a big deal if a student wants to run down to Sheetz or McDonald’s for something other than the cafeteria food? Is there any way it could be a possibility? Many students have different opinions on the matter.

“I think we should have longer lunch periods; there’s a Sheetz and a McDonald’s right there. We need to utilize them. The lunchrooms are so cramped, and it would be better if we weren’t forced to be there,” senior Baylie Horton said.

For children in their teens, getting the right amount of food is important. Teens are still growing, and getting the proper nutrients is key to a healthy learning environment.

Keeping track of students is a concern. Students can be rebellious and not want to return after leaving.

“Some sort of scanner or clock out system would be a good idea. That way if you don’t return, they can know who to punish,” junior Nate Kerr said.

If a student were to not return, there are many options to teach them a lesson. The popular opinion is an in-school suspension after not returning to the school property.

“Three days in school would be a good punishment for not returning,” junior Trey Harkins said.

Everybody has a differing opinion on whether allowing students to leave school grounds during lunch, but the most important question is not being asked. Will it increase the student’s morale? Will having the option increase the students’ overall opinion on going to school?

Many students don’t have the motivation to come to school because they feel miserable, but if there is something small that can be changed to change that would we do it?