‘Reading Detectives’ head to competition

Spring competition for the Interscholastic Reading Club

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  • Reading competition here we come! On April 2 the Interscholastic Reading Club participated in the spring reading competition. The reading team was split into two vans which were driving to the Forest Hills Jr/Sr High School for the reading competition.

  • Just arrived! The reading team arrives at the Forest Hills Jr/Sr High School for the competition. The reading team arrived at the school around 4:30.

  • The competition begins. Junior Kaila Hohman walks with the rest of the reading team to their first round during the competition. The competition was held on April 2.

  • Waiting eagerly and patiently. Sophomore Lily Porter flashes a quick smile to the camera before the first round commences. The other students of the reading team relax before the competition begins shortly.

  • Let's get it started. Sophomore Sarah Weathersbee awaits patiently while the judges begin to set up. The judges have prepared questions to ask both of the reading teams.

  • Circle time. Senior Kaitlyn Clouser smiles widely at the camera as she sits in the middle of the small reading team circle. Clouser is the reading team student leader.

  • Game on! Sophomore Rebecca Dieter thinks about her answer before whispering it to Clouser. During each round of the competition, each team is asked questions about the books they have read.

  • Second round, let's go! The reading team runs excitedly over to the next classroom where the second round will be held.

  • The competition is on. During the competition, Altoona plays against a different school each round. For the second round, Altoona verses the Readvengers (seen above preparing).

  • The Reading Detectives are ready to win! Sophomore Kelly Biddle shows off her reading competition t-shirt while waiting for the next round to begin. Although Altoona lost the first round, they won the second round by a landslide.

  • Third round, let's go! Junior Elizabeth Bair and Hohman walk over to the third round which was held in the classroom just two rooms down from the second classroom. Altoona won the second round easily.

  • Question time! The two judges prepare their questions for the two reading teams competing against one another. A point is given to each correct answer from the teams.

  • Third round! The reading team prepares for the third and final round of the competition. Clouser sits in the middle and observes her opponents on the other side of the classroom.

  • We're ready! The reading team awaits their turn for the next question. Every student had at least one or two books to read for the competition even though some read more.

  • Listening for the results. After the final round is over, Weathersbee and Clouser wait for the results to come over the announcements. While they wait, they exchange small talk with one of the judges.

  • Biddle, Dieter, and sophomore Mckenzie Pine talk with adviser Michele Janosik before the placements are heard over the announcements. Even though Altoona didn't place, the reading team was still pleased with their answers and results.

  • The day is finally over. On April 2 at 8:30, the reading team walks out of Forest Hills Jr/Sr High School after the competition ends. The competition was three rounds.

  • A job well done. Despite not placing in the spring reading competition, the reading team held their heads high as they walked out of the Forest Hills Jr/Sr High School on April 2. The reading team just missed the cut off for placement by one point.

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