I can't! Christian Howard contemplates the risks of feeding "Audrey 2". Howard played the main role of Seymour. (Ben Blackie)
I can't! Christian Howard contemplates the risks of feeding "Audrey 2". Howard played the main role of Seymour.

Ben Blackie

Blood thirsty plant terrorizes florist

Don't feed the plant!

April 23, 2019

“On the twenty-third day of the month of September. In an early year of a decade not too long before our own. The human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence. As such enemies often do, in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places.”

Recently the drama club produced and performed “Little Shop of Horrors.” Students, teachers and many other volunteers worked for four months to perfect the musical.  The cast first read through the show on Jan. 17 and leading up to the show they rehearsed every weekday. Every year, Ben Cossiter, drama adviser, chooses shows that are different from years past. Cossiter also considered “Godspell” and “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Cossiter is already planning next year’s shows. He plans on choosing a silly comedy for the fall and a very dance packed show for the spring.

Opening number! Morgan Hamel, Raquel Dunio and the rest of the “Urchins” perform the prologue. Emilee DeFrancesco, Isabella Kennedy, Emily Latten and Samantha Peterson sang along with Hamel and Dunio.
Grow for me… please? Christian Howard sings “Grow for me” after he realizes that his bizarre and unusual plant, Audrey 2, needs human blood to survive. Seymour, Howard, works for Mr. Mushnik and helps keep the shop clean for their rare customers.
Downtown, where the rainbow’s just a no-show! Illana Cecilia, Shelby Gallagher, Emily-Grace Garwood and Emma Stewart dance and sing to the song “Skid Row.” After the opening number, the townspeople, Mushnik, Audrey and Seymore complain about life on Skid Row. “This show had very few main leads, but ensemble also played an important role,” student director Jake Kibler said.
Far from Skid Row. Paige DeGennaro sings “Somewhere That’s Green” after coming home from a date with her boyfriend, Orin. DeGennaro, Audrey, realizes her love for Seymour and imagines her future life with him in their house far from Skid Row
Zam! Kazap! Christian Howard, Isabella Kennedy, Morgan Hamel, Emilee DeFrancesco and Emily Latten sing “Ya Never Now.”  After Mushnik’s flower shops’ success, Seymour gets bombarded with interviews and tourists wanting to see “Audrey 2.”
Feed Me! Christian Howard and Jarrett Hann perform “Feed Me (Git It)” in Muschnik’s flower shop. After a long day at the flower shop, Seymour finds the “Audrey 2” asking more than just drips of blood from his fingers. “I loved being Audrey 2 because of the comedic aspects of the character. I get to make the audience laugh, and that’s a privilege,” junior Jarrett Hann said.
“Don’t be fooled if I should giggle!” Christian Howard and Kyle Dennis sing “Now (It’s Just the Gas).” Seymour visits Orin’s office to try and get food for Audrey 2. After suffocating in his gas hat, Orin dies leaving Seymour with food for his plant.
Suddenly Seymour! Christian Howard and Paige DeGennaro sing their duet in “Suddenly Seymour.” Seymour and Audrey sing together after Orin’s death and rejoice their ability to finally date.
 Need a pen? Howard and Isaiah Freet, Mrs. Luce, sing “The Meek Shall Inherit.”  Mrs. Luce approaches Seymour to interview him and his plant for the cover of Life magazine.
Audrey, no! Seymour, Howard, and Audrey, DeGennaro, say goodbye after she was pulled out of Audrey 2. Seymour gave her to Audrey 2 after realizing there was no hope in her living.
I won! Jarrett Hann, the voice of Audrey 2, comes on stage to sing the reprise of “Suppertime.”  Audrey 2 used Seymour to gain the strength and size to reproduce and spread Audrey 2’s all over the country.
Curtain Call! Kyle Dennis, Brennen Dugan, Paige DeGennaro, Christian Howard, Jarrett Hann, Dan Porter, Isabella Kennedy and Samantha Peterson bow with the rest of the cast and crew. “Little Shop of Horrors” was performed on the 11, 12 and 13 and showed the months of work they put forth to do the musical.



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