Students discuss Homecoming week preparations


Jocelyn Fetter

Check it out! The week of Homecoming is full of theme days to get students excited about Homecoming.

Jocelyn Fetter, Reporter

Homecoming means different things to everyone, it just depends on who you ask. There’s an abundance of work that has to happen behind the scenes for Homecoming to be successful. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and during that week to make it memorable.

Minya Strobel is a homecoming committee member. She is a junior at AAHS, and she shared her thoughts on homecoming.

Q. What does homecoming mean to you?
A. Homecoming means getting things done yet having fun.
Q. What’s the most important quality of being a homecoming committee member?
A. The most important quality of being a homecoming committee member is reliability.
Q. Describe homecoming week and how it makes you feel.
A. Homecoming week is a lot of work and is sort of stressful. We have to make sure everything is perfect for the students who attend games night and homecoming.
Q. How does homecoming positively affect AAHS?
A. Homecoming gives students something to look forward to. I personally love getting my nails done and finding a dress/shoes.
Q. What should upcoming underclassman look forward to for homecoming week?
A. They should look forward to participating in the homecoming week.  We plan a theme each day of the week that homecoming is. When the whole school dresses up, it’s better.
Piper Vallei is a junior at Altoona High, and she’s on a homecoming team. Vallei is on Lexi Whysong’s team for cheerleading. Vallei expressed how she feels about homecoming.
Q. What kind of preparation does it take to be on a homecoming team?
A. A lot of teamwork is required for a successful HOCO team in my opinion. Everyone should want to win.
Q. How did you get on the homecoming team?
A. Lexi Whysong asked me to be on her homecoming team, and I accepted. I was so excited when she asked me because the experience I had last year being on Marissa Esposito’s team made me want to be on a HOCO team again.
Q. What does homecoming mean to you?
A.  Homecoming is a time where everyone can see who is representing each club or sport. It gets the student body and the administration to see who stepped up to show the abilities to be successful during HOCO week.
Q. Why do you think your teams’ candidate should win homecoming king/queen?
A. I think Lexi Whysong should win and deserves the win for cheerleading simply because she is a kind, loving girl and has put so much time and effort into cheer, and she brightens up the room.

Destiny Powell is a senior who has been to two, this year will be three, homecoming dances now.

Q. What does homecoming mean to you?
A. Homecoming is a day for my mom to look at me and be like “wow my daughter is beautiful.”
Q. What theme days are you looking forward to the most this year?
A. Pajama day because it’s fun to look around and see everyone in their fuzzy pajama pants with cartoon characters on them. (Theme days are listed on the featured image)
Q. Describe how getting ready for Homecoming makes you feel.
A. Homecoming makes me feel stressed because you need to look good, but it’s so much fun once you actually get to the dance.
Q. What do upcoming underclassmen have to look forward to about homecoming?
A. It’s a fun time you will get to tell your future children about.
Q. Why should the students of AAHS participate in homecoming week/homecoming itself?
A. It’s a really fun week that makes school a little bit more enjoyable