Vacation considered beneficial for students

Zakary Hicks, Reporter

Generally, a vacation is thought of as a summer activity.  Taking a vacation during the school year is more advantageous than taking one in the summer.  It provides many opportunities for students and is just a way to get away from the constant routine of school. 

In school, students face a lot of stress.  This stress can be from hard school work, pressure from teachers and parents or from extracurriculars.  Taking a week off school, and going on vacation only provides a stress relief that I know all students need.  A time where, for at least a couple of days, the student doesn’t have to worry about their loads of homework or their imploding sleep schedule.  They don’t have to worry about being late to class or all of the drama that happens during each school day.

I recently went on vacation, and it was very helpful.  It gave me a time where I didn’t have to wake up at early times, and I could relax.  The most stressful part of my life is school, and I can promise that a vacation is highly resourceful to any student who feels the same way.  

Some teachers may say that taking a vacation is not a responsible thing to do during the school year, and that it can affect a student’s education.  This is not true if a student takes the vacation responsibly. Making a routine of doing one subject a day during the vacation can really help to keep him or her on track.  Waiting until he or she arrives home to start  homework can affect how much information is retained from what was missed. As long as the student stays organized and puts at least some of their effort, their education shouldn’t be affected.  

Taking a vacation during the school year is more useful than taking one during the summer.  It can really help out a student and can cause the student’s effort to go up because of their recharged minds.