Popular “Season of Light” holiday show sells out


James Krug

Strike a pose! The astronomy officers strike a pose on opening night. All three shows sold out, and there was a bonus round on Dec. 18.

Destiny Montgomery, Reporter

On Dec. 13, astronomy teacher James Krug hosted the annual “Season of Light” Holiday Show. Being the most popular show of the year, all three shows sold out.

“It is all about the holidays we celebrate today and how they have their origins with ancient people watching the sky long ago. People go crazy for the holiday season, and I think because we have the shows during the week, it doesn’t interfere with weekend plans. It’s a nice day out with the family without having to spend too much money,” Krug said.

The show has been a popular event ever since the 1980’s. It started with slide projectors and advanced to a digital system.

“I think this show is so popular because it’s the annual Christmas show, and Christmas is undoubtedly the most popular holiday. So, I think a lot of people see it as a fun Christmas activity to do with family or friends,” senior Ella Shannon said.

Senior Vydalia Weatherly is a part of the astronomy club and thinks that the show is unique.

“I think the show is unique because of the place it occurs in. There are hardly any planetariums surrounding Altoona, so it’s a unique experience. I would definitely go see the show,” Weatherly said.

Krug had seven different members who volunteered to sell tickets and popcorn and answer any questions that people may have.

“We usually rotate tasks. So, someone will be in charge of the popcorn station, while another person is in charge of checking people in and we switch. It’s a lot of fun, and if you haven’t joined the astronomy club already, it is never too late to join,” Weatherly said.

“I love Christmas, and I’ve always heard good things about it. I would recommend this show to anyone. It’s probably the most popular show of the year and Christmas is the best. I think people should know that this is a show for all ages, it’s not exclusive to little kids or older adults,” Shannon said.

Because of the show being so popular, Krug hosted a bonus round on Dec. 18. All proceeds benefit the astronomy club, the Space Race Museum and the Mountain Lion Observatory at Fort Roberdeau.